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Our mission

Tom Appleton
Appleton Electronics Group

Our mission is to provide unparalleled service and quality products to the world's high tech manufacturing community.

A Letter from Our President.

Dear AEG Customer,

Being an ISO9001:2008 certified company, we understand the importance of maintaining quality, in our procedures and the also in the products we sell.

The world's electronic component marketplace has changed dramatically in recent years. It is a constant challenge to assure that our customers receive only the highest quality components.

We employ all available resources to establish the reliability and proven track record of each of our worldwide trading partners. This is an ongoing and extremely demanding qualification process.

Since 1985 Appleton has worked with only the most respected and highly rated suppliers who share our long standing commitment to the highest level of business ethics and product quality.

Appleton Electronics Group has maintained a reputation within the worldwide trading community of conducting business with the highest ethical standards and of demanding the same from our suppliers.

Additionally, we are a long standing member of all ERAI, and other organizations within our industry, keeping us at the leading edge of information and resources and making sub-standard and/or counterfeit avoidance possible.

We understand the need for high reliability and consistent quality within our supply chain, particularly with procurement of discontinued or obsolete components.

Diligence in electronic component procurement is not an easy task.

We can help you retain confidence in your electronic component supply.

Appleton Electronics Group has the experience it takes to be your trusted advocate in the world market.

Yours for Independence.


Tom Appleton
Appleton Electronics Group

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